Friday, December 28, 2012

Slim Girl with Sexy Legs Dancing


this makes me happy.

tall long legs and beautiful you are perfect :)

Wow.. nice, you are pretty, and I love Buono!!

You look like a model! I love the dance! Awesome job! :D

the hell with all these thumb down -_- here is one up for you

ur so hot

Nan da yo! I like either super tall or super short!

Who else though this has something to do with yukkis :3?

Cool dance ^^ !

whats the name of the song?! It's so refreshing!

keep up the good work ^^

Your really sexy , love your legs

i was hoping your shirt woudl fall off ;)  rawr! i love tall girls, i'm 6'3" and all the girls are so short!

dam,u soooooooo hot.

tall girls are somewhat frightening and awesome likewise.

well, just see lovely complex :3

showing your legs is a plus


Loosen up and you'll go far! So adorable!

don't listen to the bad things the people are saying.

I really like youre video and im tall too im like 1,98, Just have fun and do the stuff you wanna do..

And You look Gorgeous

Greetings from the Netherlands.. xx

Nice job, thanks for sharing.

It doesn't look natural enough, but I know it's hard being on camera.

Even is shes about 2 meters, shes still great

preformer. Thx for cool show.

is my aesthetic criteria too low? why this vid has so many dislikes? WTH?

Yee ahh! i like it ! 

I don't think overall that you should have this many thumbs down but I think I know why. You dance well and your attractive but dance is self expression (white guy from Africa here and no matter what color you are... if your from Africa, dance is in your blood.) So... subconsciously your shy about expressing yourself and it comes out to some as stiffness. You don't have to be scandalous but FEEL that music. Close your eyes and let it move through you... and just dance! :) Thumbs up here

try to look a little more happy :D u dont have to be sad when dancing when dacing u have to be VERY CHEERFUL :X

all other video have like 1 000 views

how have you do to have 100 000 views on her (*w*)

nothing is best than a tall amazon, I am sure alot of girls wants to be like you

hi , how tall are you ? i'm 5"11

You are beautiful! (and sexy)

looks like theres a ghost there 2:58 haha

that was her mom! xD asking for laundry xD!!!

Hahaha u got nice body *in a good way* :)

Nice work on the song's moves btw... well done ^.^


lovely :) don't get why people are leaving negative comments..they clearly just have issues with themselves.

 Awww, thought this was gonna be Yukkuri Shitteite Ne.

Me 2 :/

as door slowly opens strangly the slowly shuts 0.0

i like your cover dance and tune selection is great!!!!! thanks much....(^_~)

any1 els notice the door just open at 3:02

esmith158 5 months ago

Wowowow you're so pretty! :D

Ah, and very nice dancing. You look like you were having

Ah, don't listen to the haters, you're totally pretty. You could use with a lil fattening up lol but it's all good.

3:01 The door... O.O 3:10 Omg... Thats so weird... Wonderful dance! 

Yeah, I think you're a pretty girl (tall girls are so gorgeous to me) but I think the problem is you're still moving too stiff. :) I saw you were trying to be fluid in the beginning but I taught myself by making the movements WAAAY more exaggerated. It'll help you seem less stiff and then from there tone down the exaggeration. :) Give it a try and please upload more vids! I love your progression!


How Tall are you ? You Height is Gorgeous . I am about 5'6'' .

I LOVE skinny girls, you're HOT!!

You are absolutley CUTE and sexy!

Awhh ^^ ignore the haters D; Its a good cover annd i wish i was taller (5'1/2) but im shortish and chubby :'D So be happy that your a good hight ^^ *subscribeed~*


Urgh, don't listen to what those people are saying. You're really pretty and can dance quite well. You'll get better with practice, as with almost anything.

Keep up the great work! :)

Wow youre so pretty and can dance XD

I wish I was tall & skinny but I'm just tall XD

Every body have an unique physical that God gave to us. appreciate what you have and given by god,,, and i believe that you will be The most shining girl that others thingking because that energy of confident will make you like an angel.. :) try it and good luck.

and this girl ,, so cute .. heuheuheuuu

Don't see many tall girls it's nice most girls are well below my shoulder height

Wow, you have really nice long legs! I'd KILL to have a pair of legs like yours, dont listen to anyone insulting your height (they just feel bitter for being shorter than you)

Woah, I love your height. I would love to be tall. (I'm 4'9, sadly.)

Awww! Thanks! I'd rather be shorter! Haha

Lol. I don't exactly hate it, but I'd like to be taller. 

Being tall is not always a problem. Only with relationship, bed, our back, our bones, etc. haha. How long R U?

Nice legs

I agree... you are really a pretty girl! =)

Congrats from Brazil!

lol xD

There's no need to be sad that you're not tall. There are very few guys who actually want a tall woman, and they always tell me they like petite. ^.^

Taught Me A Lesson : ) I Love it : )

What a nice turn-on you are... cute. sexy and very attractive! Thanks, I think your cool and would love to know you :)

i love your outfit

u are great!!! only u miss smile


. `•.¸.•´ love..

Great legs!!

long sexy legs

Thanks for the lovely dance! Love it! :D <3

o.o you make the take it easy dancing look so ez...

this was awesome~ I agree with keto6789, your not too thin, you're just the right weight for someone your age. (: can I use your video to learn this? the dance shot jumps around too much for me to see the whole of Airi's moves. TT^TT

Thanks a lot! Sure, if you think my video will help. This dance isn't really that hard, but I know what you mean about the dance shot. I wish they would just shoot them still so you can see everything.

your welcome! and, thank you! (:

nice legs...

so hot!!!

you dance very well congrats

she's not TOO thin, it's called normal! She's 18, that's what you're supposed to look like, not like the 200lb heffers you see all over America.

Well technically a wide range is normal, some girls are naturally curvier. This Girls just naturally thin! Lucky her!

No offense (I agree that she looks fine. Just a bit on the lanky side --but that's not bad), but I don't agree that anyone's *supposed* to look like anything. I'm sure I weigh more than her... and I'm sure I'm MUCH shorter... but I honestly don't want to look that thin, so don't be all "You're SUPPOSED to look like that! :D" 'cause you're not. Being skinny isn't any more 'normal' than being fat.

try harder... too stiff

omg people are so mean to you T-T

3:01 who opened the door? cat burglar?

Haha, no, my mom. She yelled at me for doing laundry, then closed the door.

Awesome vid, super sexy! WOW!

lovely you did so well

Kurotsuki6 2 years ago


But from the thumbnail, it looked like you were wearing a short towel...I was like "NOOOO WHY IS JAMIE DANCING IN A TOWEL???"

But then I realized it was a shirt and it was hiding your shorts...

But it's cute! It reminds me of summer...

Hahaaaaa, I'm not gonna lie, when I looked at it, I said "God, I look like I just got out of the shower..."

Airi suzuki~~~~^^ i luv her too much~~~

I know~ She's the best!

Aw, thanks!

Love it!! ^^

As DKRiku said, I also can't wait for the group version! It's gonna be epic. ^^

Oh, and I'm just wondering, which Charanari does Airi play? And the others? And do you and the other Paradise Peach members always do the same person's part? (I don't know much about who is who in the originals 'cause I don't really watch them much!) I think I watch you girls more than the original people! LOL

Keep up the great work!

Airi is in Buono!, so they don't represent Charanari. Shugo Chara Egg does that.

The girls in PP tend to copy the same people throughout the groups. It's easier for us to remember, and we get attached to the person.

Thats amazing Jaime. Great job and very pretty.

It's okay :D I enjoy watching you dance. It's really amazing. Can't wait for the group one. Keep it up!

Aw, thanks! We'll hopefully get the group version up around the 17th.

Can't wait!

great job!

epic awsume you are amazing!

Aww, thanks!


Thanks so much!

kawaii~ keep up the good work!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sexy teacher video

Can you resist this sexy teacher's temptation??



tadaimaify 21 hours ago
lucky son of a bitch

Dramzul 2 weeks ago
after a bit of detective work I found the source

name of the movie in english: Ridicule a Man's Penis

SilverFigure 3 weeks ago
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MultiAhka 3 weeks ago


dezrewd 1 month ago
what's name of this movie

she's so cute

sieghartlet2 1 month ago
There are guys that would KILL to have a teacher like that!

starguard 1 month ago

patopacr 1 month ago

youku08 2 months ago

t891061n 3 months ago


dreamsex1000 5 months ago

janiceangela 6 months ago
is they dancing?

changyewwong 7 months ago
who is she???

warrenellis11 7 months ago
men if i were there im fleeing and go home and when he got late to escaped its not my fault its his

kennedy072 11 months ago
I'm sure she can teach one thing or two.

Mottahead 1 year ago

oldskool0221 1 year ago
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kelvin152377 1 year ago
Lol 1:41

7arbared 1 year ago 2
she says "i want babies nao!"

hintingyou 1 year ago
i would pay her to rape me

Naughtytimeted 1 year ago
When horny teachers attack!

kitsune720 1 year ago
eh~~i wanna know what she said... more perfect if there's any kind of subtitle

madderxixi 1 year ago
she is nao ayukawa

tarino99 1 year ago
As if you'd try and get away from her. I certainly bend it over a desk.

whoflungdung74 1 year ago
lots of AV but not many Baby.....Somebody holp.

toadjoel 1 year ago
She looks so stupid at 0:32. I hate fake women.

MrEtherreal 1 year ago


siusiu1995 1 year ago
force him!

blackMark001 1 year ago
OMG I LOVE JAPANESE GIRLS !!!! :D Hey Japanese guys , come to Poland and let's switch girls :D take some european hehehe and leave some of yours :D they're so cute

H2HSnake 1 year ago

chipsen7 1 year ago
== short scene from some xxx vid la!

lawrencewong100 1 year ago

lishali12345 1 year ago
mmm, love how she gets rough at the end, rawr. :D

spiro37 1 year ago

painfulsweetness 1 year ago

mizukihung 1 year ago 29
Why there a no teacher like that in my school...???!!!

adrianau927 1 year ago 4

after0glow 1 year ago
i would love to fuck her

kut52 1 year ago
Damn I wanna download the full one

AI913 1 year ago
Please... Please... Don't.... Stop....

bboohhkkyy 1 year ago
she should have used a little more tape, to better secure him. but she's definitely my style of teacher at detention time.

jdjuliann 1 year ago
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jizm4u 1 year ago

OTB188140 1 year ago 5



ariganabiruru 1 year ago
俺も 生徒になりたいw

SODjoshishain 1 year ago 4
my dick ıs 22 cm ın your ass bb

rainmanddd 1 year ago 2
0:14 LOL

andyandyyipyip 1 year ago

asarityannrabu 1 year ago

koppamijinko 1 year ago
a que pendejo yo me la hubiera cojido conn todi y ropa XD

casaeng 1 year ago 6
@casaeng pues creo q si se la chingo :P

slayer692009 1 year ago
damn i wish can any1 rape expt my father < WTF !!?


gilbert122 1 year ago 2
She can rape me anytime...

apexdna 1 year ago 43
looooooooooool hell ya bro


no you rape her, she dont rape you

IFuckUBitch 1 year ago
@IFuckUBitch is w/stupid, lol.

apexdna 1 year ago
@apexdna have no dick lol

IFuckUBitch 1 year ago

What are you, a shemale?

apexdna 1 year ago

daremosiranai 1 year ago
that guys must be gay...she can rape me anytime she wants...

tommy19840 1 year ago 5

nagoyasinakaku 1 year ago
wtf i think she's trying to rape a retard

averageguitarheroguy 1 year ago

kavenooo 2 years ago

kulokaba 2 years ago 3
i dont know what the fuck she was sayin, but i LIKED it. she can rape me anytime.

gomezchuy1 2 years ago

kaka9509 2 years ago
What's her name?

cyrilville17 2 years ago
@cyrilville17 Nao Ayukawa

bohoh123 1 year ago


ro007063 2 years ago 3
hahaha she rapes

GenyaArikado 2 years ago
I went to school everyday in japan!just to enjoy this!

Iloveak123 2 years ago 2
where to see her vids?

Lance12323 2 years ago
wow, this kind of sexual molestation is great!

dapithapon 2 years ago 4
if you've ever seen her videos. she's perhaps one of the best in this world......

bigfatdick5000 2 years ago
so hot

and sexy

asukalao 2 years ago 2
I saw her vid once she made a guy cum

sprawlmessiah 2 years ago 3

CrackerJayherber 2 years ago
She's rough for a female teacher.

hananokuni2580 2 years ago
holy shit shit

82AIRBORNEsolder 2 years ago

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sexy girls changing videos

Sexy Japanese girl changing. She removes her skirt and wears it back. Then she removes her top to show off her bikini and nice cleavage before putting on a school uniform. Afterwards, she removes her uniform and skirt.



davemcilwaine 2 weeks ago
aw hell no! .... this is not what I thought it was

KaylaNoelle1 2 months ago

sevenven1 2 months ago
there was 1 gay man that watched this lol

vectraboyjames 2 months ago
I thought girls were more reserved but...... nice!!!

Nnovata 5 months ago
nice girl, pretty uniform!

krasavinyuri 9 months ago
i want a セーラー服

XKE48 11 months ago
I like your videos, you are very beautiful

sgelat 1 year ago

floatingcompassmedia 1 year ago

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sexy japanese girl band video

damn , why their face make me remember something , If I know all name of singer in this video , am I sick ?
theenduknow 4 days ago

buiigfdrhjiz011 6 days ago

this would be awesome if they are all naked while singing this one.
TheVerysmartperson2 1 week ago

mitarasikomomoti 2 weeks ago

kawai kinky world :)
antonioefalate 2 weeks ago

this is the best shit ever
naranja18she 2 weeks ago

iamyt87 3 weeks ago

porn star making the band girls xD
AndreSixx91 3 weeks ago


884074177 4 weeks ago

I do not breed at all.
N2139PC 1 month ago

takepo128 1 month ago
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jsyn1230 1 month ago

love Rio but where is Mihiro ??????
DJELE91 1 month ago

ah...i know all of these people = =

did i'm porn addicted? lolz
Casterealo 1 month ago

applestar321 1 month ago

All girls are very impressive specially Minori Hatsune.
MrTuizar 1 month ago

run11yawara55 1 month ago

left the name here for the later checking and watching
philip233096 1 month ago

zickyyombana 2 months ago
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a25126172222 2 months ago

EdwardClyde 2 months ago
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kyoumogennkini1patu 2 months ago

after seeing one of the girl crying, i realize that they are just trying to make a living
bnatbox 2 months ago

more likely nobody buys the music, but many ppl wud purchase the music video
bnatbox 2 months ago
Comment removed
EdwardClyde 2 months ago

aiueo011 2 months ago

Thriller19950827 2 months ago

@Thriller19950827 瑠川里菜
hokchunkong 2 months ago in playlist hokchunkong's Favorited Videos

@Thriller19950827 Rukawa Rina 瑠川リナ  155cm 81/59/85 D
SuperDanteng 2 months ago

@SuperDanteng 感謝 找到影片了:-)
Thriller19950827 2 months ago

what is the title of this song in English?????
gabot08 2 months ago

gotta love jessica & yuma!~ ^^
saitojharry 2 months ago

ผมก็ได้พวกเธอเนี้ยแหละช่วยกล่อ­มเกลาจิตใจ....Thank you.
createcrime 2 months ago

kaatsu 3 months ago

I have seen this room before.... Its been used for other means...
onimusha542 3 months ago

its nice video
FullChance 3 months ago

himeka918 3 months ago 2

น้องๆน่ารักจริงๆ ดูสดใส สบายตา สบายใจดีครับ
bigthana 3 months ago

Aw aw aw aw aw aw...
heybroer 3 months ago

taku1705 4 months ago 4

anyone know why did rio cry ?

endylam0503 4 months ago

@endylam0503 because the director told her to :D
heybroer 3 months ago

@endylam0503 cause she miss me lol
troioilatroi1 3 months ago


cherykim6140 4 months ago

@TheDhiva LOL
E45TERNMAN 4 months ago

when i watching this video,i forget that they are av actress
jeremy24681357 4 months ago

@jeremy24681357 i agree 
endylam0503 4 months ago

wubaii 4 months ago

who's the girl crying?

troioilatroi1 4 months ago

@troioilatroi1 Rio

0xSATANx0 4 months ago

@troioilatroi1 the girl name is tina yuzuki aka rio
azyordanm 4 months ago
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LYLM1 4 months ago

where the naked version ??
pramana151 4 months ago in playlist Music that I like
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aztv4892 4 months ago

i'm typing this with one hand..
TheDhiva 4 months ago

@blackcutewhite あっちゃんだかまっちゃんだかでシコシコしてな
kuroohiroki 4 months ago

mitarasikomomoti 4 months ago

audito92 4 months ago 33

more hot with saori hara, miyabi, ameri ichinose

audito92 4 months ago

euneun13st 4 months ago

MrGaldogz 5 months ago 2

i choose this rather snsd
TheSnowmanGt1 5 months ago

25 members with good voice ? Well thats normal. But how about test their song 1 by 1 ? I dont think so !
BlancBerry 5 months ago

sora aoi still the best
onezt88 5 months ago

consist of 25 girls from JAV and gravure models
TheOle28 5 months ago

izcallaw05 5 months ago

fongkokyen 5 months ago

how many members do they have?

eiou2 5 months ago

who's that girl @1:26 - 1:29?
madjick247 5 months ago

8 dislike because they have sons
dinhletan 5 months ago


they're gay...
xbennypryde 5 months ago
This comment has received too many negative votes show
MrFandebiao 5 months ago

7 dislike??! WTF???
zedha311 5 months ago

她们齐声在唱: ”鸡“有够累
bannyking1 5 months ago

鸡有多累的??!! 哈哈哈哈哈 
boyjkl1121 5 months ago 2

@boyjkl1121 人家那是chocolate的日文说法……其实我也是听了好久才­听出来……蛋疼。
SuperDanteng 2 months ago

cute little sluts.
dalubs 6 months ago


is who
iams0ne 6 months ago

Paradise is here <3 troioilatroi1 6 months ago Anyone got this song as MP3 can send me the link? ManipulateFirst 6 months ago マスカッツは、下ネタが多い歌詞よりもこうゆうのがマッチしてる­。 センターは、瑠川か希志かRioだな。 アッキーはない。 sakuraba00048 6 months ago @ 0:36 sora aoi's boobs look smaller here gokawi 6 months ago Music in the eyes XD chidorikio 6 months ago 0:47 dare ?? mitai! kaipingzhong 6 months ago @kaipingzhong 希志あいの さんだと思います。可愛いですよね! 違ったらごめんなさいA^^; hineko1 6 months ago @hineko1 hahaha soudayone, arigatou na. boku wa ni hon jin jyanai dakedo, boku no nihingo dou da? ^_^ kaipingzhong 6 months ago 元気が出る!!こういう歌がもっとあれば良いと思う! 変に深い歌詞の歌とか考えさせられる歌より単純に元気が出るのが­最高!!! これからも元気が出る歌をいっぱいお願いします!!!!みんなの­笑顔も最高!!! MrNewkin 6 months ago きっしーと瑠川リナがダントツに可愛いい! MrNewkin 6 months ago Who is 1.31 ? Kawaii~~ moudragon 6 months ago 加油 ffqq1314 6 months ago 1:31 は誰たっけ? him047 6 months ago @him047 瑠川リナ fanjong 6 months ago Whores xSuperVillainx 6 months ago 流行ったら流行ったでAV女優になりたいって女が増えるのかな?­キャバ嬢が流行ったみてーによ? mrcrocent 6 months ago who is that girl in 00:39 john0907 7 months ago @john0907 Sora Aoi aprilbryancahiles 6 months ago 果穗!! GenM124 7 months ago oh My IDOLS vominhthinh 7 months ago 有線でよく流れていましたので検索しました。可愛い曲ですね。 monstera59 7 months ago Why can't i see any Pantsu~ >w< lemzkies18 7 months ago who's that with the cornrows? in the green dress.. abottleofelixir 7 months ago Can anyone tell me who the girl is that's crying at 2:28 - 2:43 fbdss 7 months ago @fbdss RIO kybody 7 months ago 2:49 jiggle raep jedesu 7 months ago Who is the gal in 1:30 ? Maruku2002 7 months ago @Maruku2002 Rina Rukawa masanf 7 months ago What is the name of this song? wansykes92 7 months ago The girl in pink at 0:55 towers over everyone. masanf 7 months ago trust the japanese to reinvent. zueinder89 7 months ago 良曲ですよね。 CDにはDVDもついていませんし、今流行の「特典」がほとんど­ありません。 姑息的な売り方をしないだけ、着実な評価を受けやすいと思います­。 yusa11111 7 months ago 小川あさ美<3  saiendy 7 months ago AV業界 戦略うまいぞ! antiotaku12345 7 months ago i luv av >w<

PainlessNever 7 months ago

Nowadays Japanese AV not only know how to fuck, but have to pro in singing and dancing! Pro than AKB.....
kowa1985 7 months ago

@kowa1985 they're playing in different leagues dude, since almost the 90% of AKB is underage. remember that nakanishi rina (yamaguchi rico) who is an AV idol, was also regular member of akb until 2010 or so before getting into the dolphin waxing business.
Mitzrael19 7 months ago

@Mitzrael19 Ya know, since yamaguchi rico sick badly and quitted from akb48 due to overwhelming force in AKB field. After recover she decided to enter av market.
kowa1985 6 months ago

sirukibou 8 months ago

Mihiro is not in the group anymore?
dearest88 8 months ago

who is the girl in green dress 1:03
dearest88 8 months ago

sora aoi <3

rpichay 8 months ago 2

who's that 1:29

civilkel 8 months ago

taglee 8 months ago

1:55 pinaiyak mo!!
medjalamon47 8 months ago

雖然水準跟棒棒堂一樣 不過就是好聽
q224222 8 months ago

yeah !!!!!!
TheHtcmedia 8 months ago

miyuki yokoyama is in this one.....didnt see her in Banana Mango High School
hugos0910 8 months ago

THe AV members are, Aoi Sora, Asami Yuma,Fujiura Megu , Hatsune Minori ,Kasumi Kaho ,Kasumi Risa ,Kirihara Erika ,Kizaki Jessica ,Mihiro ,Misaki Miyu

 Nishino Shou ,Ogawa Asami ,Rio ,Sakuragi Rin,Sakura Kokomi ,Sayama Ai , Uehara Kaera ,Yoshizawa Akiho . You can google them
fatcrewz 8 months ago 2

extra rice please....
dimitrix9999 8 months ago

they are all insanely pretty.
postflopper 8 months ago

can't believe that they were av girls ...
mackendell 8 months ago


youchuuubu 8 months ago

tablusgu 9 months ago

r there new members?? there seems to be more members this time most unfamiliar
93550 9 months ago

LaCampanella1 9 months ago 17

iahai5 9 months ago

std organization
dimseeeen 9 months ago

Best song and PV among 3 so far :)
quinquiunica 9 months ago 2

Rio, la mejor.
Brux12345 9 months ago 6

666mac999 9 months ago

最愛吉澤明步 ~~~ 這個團體比很多團體都還可愛 !!
hikarusayuayu 10 months ago

Rioは何で泣いてるの? かわいいけど
madajima 10 months ago


yzha2 10 months ago

哦。 很可爱哦。

苍井老师 加油啊!

wendowsxplala 10 months ago 2

nhkjmtgm 10 months ago 3





nippononna 9 months ago 2


magiciannofpai 10 months ago 22

この曲は福山雅治の「All my loving」にインスパイアされた曲なのですかね?


7iro283 10 months ago

better than AKB
LYLM1 10 months ago 125

sure it is ...

kawaii acky...
michaeltualatin 4 months ago in playlist 未分類

wan cen lucu tenan... mantan artis JAV. uhuy
danangkurniawan 10 months ago

You should put "chocolate" in tags!

Thank you for the HD. :333
Wolfychanloli 10 months ago

素晴しい~!!! とても可愛いだ!

I've been waiting for this vid! :D
vyanotakudog 11 months ago

06130107 11 months ago

06130107 11 months ago
Comment removed
wiisun 11 months ago


そうですね 瑠川リナさんですね!

wiisun 11 months ago
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ibma44741 11 months ago
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ibma44741 11 months ago
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ibma44741 11 months ago
Comment removed
ibma44741 11 months ago
Comment removed
ibma44741 11 months ago

kei0beu3214 11 months ago

00:45 希志あいの(Aino Kishi)

2:00 麻美ゆま(Yuma Asami)

ilaveDDBkEQ2 11 months ago

who is the girl at 00:45?

greenwi0735 11 months ago

stingfrisk 11 months ago

daddy6960 11 months ago

ioet 11 months ago

2:01: その少女は新垣里沙に見えます。名前は何ですか?
whatrhymeswithgaijin 11 months ago

tomodatikami 11 months ago

syuuzi333 11 months ago

allxufang 11 months ago

ilaveDDBkEQ2 11 months ago

DICK2PINKY2LOVE 11 months ago

high quality movie=)
lolxxtictactoexxlol 11 months ago

sat7496 11 months ago 2


Weintraube417 11 months ago 2

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sexy nurse cosplay video



09871601251 3 days ago

what sound is it?

s20081161m 6 months ago

21st Century Digital Girl

we111we111 6 months ago
@we111we111 thx~~

s20081161m 6 months ago

chenhaowei1 7 months ago

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sexy girl with big tits & hard nipples in tight shirt


wow...good find!

Bucs211 6 days ago
wonder what she thought when she saw this video..(hard nips)

ddrpny 1 week ago

43tonyr 1 week ago
those are mine kid!

RaceDesert27 2 weeks ago

CandidKingVideos 1 month ago
all a guy wants :)

slifer2486 6 months ago
WOW Amazing. I always loved Jewish Women's body's

gregthesplintercell 6 months ago 4
@gregthesplintercell Me too.. minus the nose of course.

ShitMyCatsOnFire 5 days ago