Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sexy Japan girls - Sowelu Sexy Music Video

2:26 - feeling herself
2:43 - unbuttoning shirt
2:54 - removing shirt and caress, rub and squeeze the breasts
3:20 - slipping fingers in between thighs
3:43 - slight moaning/gasping for breathe
5:27 - removing outer shirt
5:34 - removing top
6:06 - having intercourse on bed


OMG she is having sex OH YEAH! i love the video hahahah well but it's true sometime when the love ends and u are making love with ur couple maybe u dont feel anything btw i like the song and the video too i really dont know why the people dont like it, so u dont have sex or a couple or what ¿?

LOL it's like five songs in one song, right? Raaaaandom porn scene. Seriously. But I like the song.

I came around 2:50 loool!

Most beautiful music video I ever seen.

I don't understand why she has to do this to gain fame.
I've been listening to her album and i think she has pretty nice vocals and her songs are cool.
People are getting so desperate nowadays.
She looks like a sex object. I'm disappointed in her.

WOW! Sowelu has really changed over the years. This sure isn't like one of her first songs "Rainbow"

that guy must have the best job ever lol

i like the song...but the video are little(big) erotic....


i really don't like this videoXD
but i do like the song "never"

agreed .... a person can perceive at the video however he / she wants base on their own culture and beliefs, at the end of the day long as long as the music & Listener connects then that's all that matter. Also, for the people saying she gone ho-ing, ya need to check yo-self. This woman is 29 years old, hot and single, she can do whatever she wants. Artist are regular human being too. I gotta say it took her quite sometime with this new album, glad it finally happen though

1mil!? you go sowelu, hopefully you can keep this up

he was rubbing her boobs man wtf

awesome video

The musician who cannot entertain poeple with her music chooses such stupid way.
She shamelessly sells her work with semi-porno PV
because she and her staff can only release a skimped work that has no message.

her songs are actually pretty good after listening to the album. her vocals had improved pretty much too.

lol i live in japan and i can understand becUSE THE THINKS LIKE THIS..... well idol usually don't do this kind of video...they always give a pure and kawaii image...because that what people in japan like......
agressive, sexy, seductive is not welcome in japan.....=_=
its boring i know......because there is nothing wrong about it, but here people dislike it! anyway  enjoy the song without need to see the PV ne '-^

It confuses me because koda kinda does the same think lol but most people have no problem with it.

I can completely see a stratagem of evex. Though I liked sowelu, I am disappointed, and there is no help for it

Like indiekewl, it's a shame that so many of you say that Sowelu is just an AV bitch in this video. I would say this is an absolutely emotional pv with natural mature eroticism. Why is it so bad?? Sex is indeed a big part of any adult relationship, and Sowelu IS an adult woman! I personally find those AKB girls faaaaar more inappropriate, they imitate (or even they really are) school girls, kissing each other like cute bitches - but they are OK in the eye of the public...isn't it a bit weird?!

the 800000 pointing rate shows that the promotion of avex is successful!

Though the video can be very distracting...I am SO feeling the songs...Does anyone know where I can download it? And I know that there are three different songs that are playing in this video...are they suppose to be that way?

Yeah they're 3 songs from the album. Its not out yet which is probably why you cant find a download link. It releases December 1st I think.

Really? Oh man, that sucks ㅜㅜ... I guess I gotta wait till then to download the songs...Thanks for info ^^

this is confusing.... i have no idea what just happened o.o

thats a whole lotta grouping

Is the guy Kengo Ōkuchi who played in bleach musical and in Crows Zero 2?It looks like him,

It totally is. I had this big time crush on him, so I freaked out when I saw him xD

I know he is cute,i like him even more now!

K nvm I take it back, this video is killing me. I'm trying to focus on the song but I cant even stop scrolling up to watch the guy touch her

actually I think Sowelu is the great Artist. She pay a lot of effort to change and try to share her experience and music to every one in different way. Maybe it is shocked for some people.(include me><) However, I can appreciate her effort form an artist's perception and viewpoint. I still support her becoz she is my favor singer 4ever. I love her whatever she became any style.

i find it kind of funny how all the japanese people are like appalled at all the sexual elements of this video and disgusted and find it inappropriate and unnecessary for this artist to make a video like this. but i find it suiting for the song. it tries to show an adult relationship and it's complexities. sex is a big part of a relationship and although i may not understand completely the meaning of the song, it seems to portray appropriately the pains of an unhealthy relationship or something.

lol you too didn't notice that there was actually 3 songs not only one, yeah I bet u were also distracted by all the grabing the boobs and the sex.....
Making a video like this but then the ppl don't even notice the music being played well u feel like somethings wrong..

I looooooooooooooove the 2nd song <3

yea my same thoughts.

Sowelu, i love you

so hot! lucky bastard... i'd bang Sowelu too, she's hot in this video!

gah is it just me? the guy in the beginning is HOT. the music is great btw! :)

Ookayy...Wel maybe this Pv is directed to man ?
Maybe that's why this Pv so Porngraphic , I don't know just clues .
Nothing else and nothing more .

What a shame, Sowelu has an exceptional voice, no need to be too vulgar to success! Avex fails this time. The song is Ok [2]
I love sowelu, liked the musics and of course liked seeing her in this [non]clothes, but i wish the full PV changes my mind about her career in Avex, because this video is such more porn than Koda, Britney, Xtina and Gaga together. I want my angelical sowelu back.
I think they are trying give sowelu the bitch role that belonged to koda.

name song - NEVER ,Kobore souna kuchi & Koko mo, Soko mo

can someone please tell me the name of all the songs in this clip :)

The song gets good only at 4:23 imho..

difinitely expected more u_u

My mom walked in on my and thought I was watching porn.

i very disappointed sowelu is my favorite singer....yet this mv ......i hope sowelu don't change her original imge.




sowelu is beautiful yet mysterious in this mv...

oh dear! don't you think too many sexual activities in this PV? lol

I'm so impatient ! 

Just Nomally Music Video. no sexual..............Not interest

A lot of people think that Sowelu's being more openly sexual in an attempt to sell records, but that's actually not true. If you watch her past videos, she's always been comfortable showing off her body, and with her move to avex, she probably finally decided to show how to truly wants to express herself.
And, y'know, there's some steamy bump n' grinding and boob-rubbing involved. I'm not complaining.

in any way thats just a great move she did, I bet that the orders for the special edition album will make a huge bump if most of the PV are like that one!

wow 520108 plays in 3 days... a lot of perverts lol

Did you count yourself? Lol.

whats the name of this song?

this mv make me feel little bit suck

can someone pls explain the storyline to me ? all i know is that there a woman with 2 guys in the mv O__O'


why sowelu doing this, i disappointed, they can show the makelove scenes more "beautiful", those are just too bold, these kind of mv is just sad, seems like the singer is just dying from the industry.. hope u still alive like used to be sowelu..

why this is so popular : girl in bra for preview picture.

Hot Story.

actually u are wrong. there was both male- male and male-female in that movie. five senses of eros has male-female. just search korean love scenes on youtube and you will find some. Koreans just won't put in in music videos, but they do have movies with those types of scenes

I honestly don't see how all those sex scenes were necessary for the mv??!! Like O_O I was shocked. Cos I saw some of her other MVs first and came here and it's like YIKES.

SHIT music. JUst like 99% of J-music

OMG!!!!!! Too much!


wow. i love sowelu and all, but in the past 6:45 i've heard 3 different songs and watched a movie/soft core porn.. uhhh interesting?

Why do such lovely women always have such ugly men in their music videos? Her hair cute is so cute! But stop making out with the gross guy at the beginning.

lol nice job

Music is good.... Sex is good.... Japan is awesome =D


good bye sowelu

are the sex scenes really necessary? o_o

she look bored during sex

so.. about that music huh

holy moly, first music video that i seen that show rubbing, squeezing and other types of sexual things all in one. WOW O_O!!!

After listening to Sowelu's other songs and watching her other MV's, I can tell this is new for her. She matured as an artist.

She's friggin' HOT! New album is going to be Awesome! Love you Sowelu!

I decided to watch some MVs before working. Then I watch this. It's not porn, but I feel a bit dirty, at least my parents didn't walk in and get the wrong idea XD

Wow, just watch it without the sound and we have soft-core porn O_O Love the songs though!!!

whats this song actually called?

this is more than one song. its 3: "“NEVER feat. VERBAL (m-flo)“, “Koboresou na Kuchibiru“, and “Koko mo Soko mo feat. KG”... theyre all of her new album

is this really a MV? there are only making our for real!!!

hot MV... O.O!

love her style of music but wtf is this - porn?! so lets say we see this on tv on a friday night LMAO with grannies grandpa LMAO!

Those rap videos got nothing on this lmfao



Dayummmmm, girl! Gettin' some!

Wow...great song, but seriously soft core porn? Good thing i had my door closed lol XD

I think this is way too much.
There is a big difference between being sexy and being well.... a hoe.

I like all three songs, sounds like it's gonna be a good album, but yeah the video is a bit much for my taste.

It's rare for Japanese to show that much :O
Quite original. Love the song and great work for the director... And she's gorgeous !

yes exactly! this is strange for sowelu. xD

they make traffic jam

Pfff, trying to catch attention! What a shame, Sowelu has an exceptional voice, no need to be too vulgar to success! Avex fails this time. The song is Ok

OMG! I don't hope this thing was made to break into the market or something....
It's so...........

Sorry ...but eww

too much ***... rated X... she's trying too much to get noticed...but the songs are good but why should the mv b like this????

this MV shouldn't watch by children too vulgar

I feel too young watching it. I had to turn it off.

Jealous of the guy.

i love the song but the MV is too ......

so uh...anyone else need a change of pants??? dammit sowelu! lls

lolz she is VERY sexual

the song is nice.. but the mv is .... O_O

lol i was already surprised when i saw the kissing... xd

And then it just picked up from there, hahaha.

it looked really awkward -_-

According to Wiki, Sowelu is a martial arts fan and has stated that she is only attracted to fighting men (as for show-business men), such as mixed martial artists and professional wrestlers, especially those who look like Mark Hunt or Kazuyuki Fujita.

Damn, Japan. This is exactly what you need! With a steady drop in birth rate, Sowelu is trying to contribute to the betterment of her nation by making some very effective baby making music.

wish asian dramas had this ^_^

WTF is this O_O
the song is awesome and all... but this kinda mv... wow...
and youtuve allows it... wtf O_O
this is like softcore...

LOL who's jealous at 2:56 eh? LOL look at that hand ;P

damn i wish i was that hand right about now

wow!!. . . . . . . . . . thats it


aaahahahahaha the MV XD I was like (O_O)... ahahaha anyway... I like the last song :)

Chinese / Korean movies need to do stuff like this!!!
A whole lot of sexual stuff...dats good stuff

there are Korean movies with sex scenes like the movie called Five Senses of Eros and Frozen Flower

Frozen flower!! omg the dudes are gay kissing another dude and performing gay sexual stuff!!
i'm talking about between a man and woman haha

hehe thats what i said not the peck kiss they do and the camera moving lol

i know right
japanese does all the sexual things
we need stuff like this in Korean and Chinese movies
touching, rubbing, squeezing, tongue, and a whole lot more

theres not enough sex :(

Ummm, that was a little too much for a mv..... but love the songs! lol

Love Sowelu and her songs but the MV are so... O_O!!! *speechless*
My mom walked in and thought i was watching some porn o_O!!! lolz

it looks like that just about =.=


Sowelu is friggin' HOT as HELL.
The dude was pretty cute, too.
I liked the last song the best. =T

damn some of that i wasn't expecting but hey work it sowelu.....i love the song!

love the song but the mv too much sexual .... lol ...

Too sexual. Too much kissing scenes.
Looks like soft porn.
Bla! Boring.

Love this. Love all of the songs, and the music video is so tastefully done. It's sexy, but discrete. Beautiful. Can't wait for the release of the album!

finally they put this into promotion

lmfao @ soulvws lol ^__^
u r something else u mean u had to comment lol

OH my god, I am going to explode from this all. Q__Q

the guy is so ugly...i rather kiss the girl.. lolz

this japanese guy is sooooooooo FUCKING LUCKY OMG


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