Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Japanese girls stripping video

japanese game show girls: who can strip the school girl the fastest!?


Wait wait. Let me get in there and show ya how its done!

killersushi99 12 hours ago
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aspyossef2000 3 days ago
Fuuuuuuuuccck....this is code red boner alert shyttt!!....where Japan at

crazybones2009 1 week ago
these shows would distroy the kardashian empire

yauyyb 1 week ago
I can do it less then ten in a second

godzillaepic 2 weeks ago
I bet a male would do it faster.

Saturpepe 2 weeks ago

TheBroChaCho 3 weeks ago
bo tay bon nhat @@!

vipthanhtung 3 weeks ago
this is better than some special webcites!!!

RUSSIAN2902 3 weeks ago
People who say this is perverted are ignorant. This is a different culture. It's not like someone is forcing these women to participate in the show.

If I would get a boner watching daytime TV here, I would be happy.

ar2110302 3 weeks ago
so basically raping a girl in japan is considered a joke... Just booked a ticket for the next available flight... :p

jb7254 4 weeks ago 6
i got a boner watching this...

jb7254 4 weeks ago 7
Best game show ever

Slaphappy1975 1 month ago
omg...this country is totally perverted. if they allow something like this on tv u can imagine....not that im complaining :D

CipryStelistul 1 month ago
Unbelievable! Do you have more like these involving handcuffs?

drycounty 1 month ago
which is better japanese or koreans ?

ron619 1 month ago
@ron619 japan more sluttier and hairier.

bxzel0915 1 month ago
ill go learn a japanese language :)

patriciasy16 1 month ago
we all know they are the cutest girls in the world, but the best with them is they only shave the lips of their p.ssy,they keep it hairy on the top,it fucking sexy and yummy

lauriersroses333 1 month ago
Can somebody please explain to me why we don't have this in America!!

BOSTONxCELTXX 1 month ago
Japan Is The Best Fucking WORLD!!!

kulangot223 1 month ago

alwandharmabian 1 month ago
geez, all that and they aren't even drinking any Sake yet!

AlonzoMartinez11 1 month ago
why do we have greco-roman wrestling in the olympics and not this?

TheGoatherdGod 2 months ago
one of the players is my girlfriend

unsafe1413 2 months ago
i will start saving money to go to japan

aspyossef2000 2 months ago 41
@aspyossef2000 good plan :)

drezy 2 months ago 20
@aspyossef2000 i have money alrady, but how i can have such young yummy girls??im already 40

lauriersroses333 1 month ago
@aspyossef2000 i will :D

WinPro89 1 month ago
@aspyossef2000 yup i defenetly agreee with you 

IsaccMex2thefullest 1 week ago
japan here i come

gooober87buddy 2 months ago
I find this easy to jerk off too :P

animefan0258 2 months ago
This is japan military training. Field stripping a chick!

johngeraldgutz 3 months ago
this should be in olympics

youraveragemat 3 months ago 49
@youraveragemat Japan would fill up all top 10 winners. but i agree!

Uatemydoodle 1 week ago

Mig21N2 3 months ago
жесть. =) Very nice game show! yoush!!

iloverebeccachambers 3 months ago

manxslayer 6 months ago

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