Friday, May 4, 2012

Sexy bikini girl interrogated by the police

A 2007 US commercial for CSI on CBS.

Guilty ? Who cares ? 


She a? ghost whisperer?

WhoresOfTijuana 1 day ago
I have enough to? hold her! Well, I'd give it my best shot anyway...Hee, hee.

MegaJetJaguar 3 days ago
spray on abs? LOL

TurdFergusonJunior 3 days ago
My God? her legs

giriisindahouse 4 days ago

bhainsad 5 days ago

Schieferkrieger 6 days ago
whats the? music at the end?

FundamentallyMental 1 week ago
Slut !! an? Ho'

frankiev1231 1 week ago
lol the janitor is? there too

MadPutz 1 week ago
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alinvava 2 weeks ago
She is Jennifer Love? Hewitt. She was Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer

archangelsanctus 2 weeks ago
@archangelsanctus Isn't? she Lacey Chabert, from Mean Girls..?

fenixmita92 2 weeks ago
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quadraceryw 2 weeks ago
is she from the movie 'blood diamond"??

Ralfman91 2 weeks ago

sixarmedtiger 2 weeks ago 4 
After this video i? whatched porn

acanhi 2 weeks ago 6 
LOOL even the janitor was at the? window

FFreeLevant 2 weeks ago

kamayie86 2 weeks ago

BehindThePig 3 weeks ago

danhggkhoa 3 weeks ago
Girl? looks familiar

dukevega1972 3 weeks ago
what exactly is this ad? for even??

CamilleKleinman 3 weeks ago
Honestlly, Do you think JL Hewitt would be doing bits like this while she's got the "Ghost Whisperer" syndicated on 4 channels? one thing is a that they chose a chick with real jugs which is refreshing and the interrogator looks like Chaz? Bono.

mistressofaminer 3 weeks ago


5jerry1 3 weeks ago
boo? dum bah!

TolSatha 3 weeks ago
Ill share my DNA? with her.

sonorcrusher 3 weeks ago 3 
i would like to sex? her

JigabooCummin4U 3 weeks ago
who is the girl? i don't think it's jenifer love hewitt

does any 1? know??

jsshny 1 month ago
rosie O'Donnell and Jenifer love? hewitt doubles?

faultyservice 1 month ago
instead? of playing with her bra she should of just taken it off :P

Squirtle49 1 month ago
who the fuck is sheee.........? love :-P

Drastic1586 1 month ago
press 3? and 4 for drum set

organika53321 1 month ago
yo aparte del interrogatorio, le haria una revisacion minuciosa de sus partes? para ver si trae algo escondido

omandi4 1 month ago
Twiggy chick w/big,? natural boobs, must see video.

tchimmerroks 1 month ago
Jennifer Love? Hewitt

MatthewSandberg 1 month ago
What? is her name?

L3GITMONST3R 1 month ago
janitor is? funny

cheecho63 1 month ago 3 
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newhuskytwenty 1 month ago
Press 4 as fast as? you can ... 0.o

CODxPHIL 1 month ago
every time I start watching videos I end up at these particular ones :) It's like everything leads HERE !!! ?

Yamasuba 1 month ago
Dam shes? fine

T1memaster2 1 month ago
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alexisss490 1 month ago
66 people think they? DO have enough evidence to hold her :)

fillmorenyc1 1 month ago
those? guys sure were disappointed when she said 'guys we dont have enough to hold her'! OWHHH URGHHH lol

iclark2400 1 month ago in playlist More videos from CulturePub
I am guilty of alot? of things!

Yankees27u 1 month ago


iamhareshs 1 month ago
she must be cold...?

borradit0 1 month ago
keep pressing? 6 :)

breetstreet 1 month ago 89 
@breetstreet how do? i stop pressing 6? O_O

hellinvador 3 weeks ago
keep watching 9 : )?

nimaldragneel 2 weeks ago
Youtube should really get rid of the suggested videos section on the right because once I've clicked on one? hot chick video I can't stop! =(

JDubs878 1 month ago 299 
@JDubs878 I know? what you mean, I can spend hours there at a time it's very hard to stop once you start in the forbidden zone of youtube...haha...only a strong mind like the Dalai Lama can resist such gratuitousness temptation and sadly I am not a monk or Dalai Lama so it's hard for me to resist clicking on those thumbnails :P

iclark2400 1 month ago in playlist More videos from CulturePub
@JDubs878 i know its like thumbnails? on free porn sites

lflogsdon 3 weeks ago
@JDubs878 Well, not 'till you've? rubbed one out, at any rate.

innismor11 3 weeks ago
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kopellhinex 3 weeks ago
i think thats the chick from brides? maids

jcbbulloch09 1 month ago
do you guys? know her name???

chuy17RAUL7 1 month ago
@chuy17RAUL7 jennifer? love hewitt

paokaraforlife 1 month ago
@paokaraforlife i really think it's? not her

BANZAAAIify 1 month ago
@paokaraforlife thats not JLH luv .look again lol she? does look like her though

Maddluv4eric 1 month ago
press 6 for? fun!

NoMos09 1 month ago
whats? her name?

diegohubb 1 month ago
@diegohubb why? going to? search for it on a porn web?

xfreakzx 1 month ago
@xfreakzx? jajaja i might do it

diegohubb 1 month ago

no, im not out of the dark side of youtube...not? yet

MrHalowa 1 month ago
Wow, is that? Jennifer Love Hewitt?

dharmaseed 1 month ago
@dharmaseed Hah! Same reason I clicked... that looked like her.... but on a closer look... seems? slightly off.

KaleSerpent 1 month ago
Most popular with:

Male 45-54

Male 55-64

Male? 35-44 okay then....

PinkBunnyMiss 1 month ago

nebula570 1 month ago
@nebula570 The? janitor is also a freelance behavioral psychoanalyst moonlighting from the F.B.I. and that’s how bad our economy is...

TruthatCearcie 1 month ago
Anyone? know her name?

andy602 1 month ago
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Mr1ross1 1 month ago
xd hahahaha? ,

fatih3336 1 month ago
I'm not quite their yet, would you? please give me a few moments by myself?

mistressofaminer 1 month ago
"well designed joke" ... ? you can not dsigne a joke.

... so fed up with corporate? thinking ...

nevadabboko 1 month ago

leonidas6565 1 month ago
thumb up? for the pissed-off janitor behind the mirror waited to see her undress

kalargyi 1 month ago
@kalargyi? love the way he bashes his mop off the ground in disapointment lol

Mr1ross1 1 month ago
the ultimate sentence:

Ugly officer chick: "Guys, we don't have enough to hold her"

Uncountable number of guys glued to the tinted? glass: "AAAAAAOOOOOOOooohh!"

TheJackpotMaster 1 month ago
I'm for real? this is the funniest vid I have seen in years!!

i love the trigger point, a well designed joke!!

bbrump 1 month ago
press? 6 then fap fap fap fap fap fap

carloskee123 1 month ago
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UlraxDM 1 month ago
Guilty of giving me an? erection...

TheKohlslaw 1 month ago
slap them titties!!!!!!!!!!!!?

unreal3010 1 month ago

asoh123 1 month ago
hahahahaaaa I laughed my ass off?

Foreverguga1 1 month ago

SyLaRSaGe 2 months ago
Guys, let's be professional. Can someoe? please check her bra?

MegaWYU 2 months ago
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sonata43pianos 2 months ago
fuck the excuses! SHOW ME UR TITS! XD <=====? my friend just yelled this at the library

Midnightwings1 2 months ago
La femme n'est? qu'un objet et l'homme qu'un trou du cul débile, c'est tout ce que je vois

RojaFlore 2 months ago
Excuse me Ma'am we need to perform? a random cavity search....a VERY EXTENSIVE cavity search.

VideoGameNerdCS 2 months ago
mhmm. Boobies. ?

MrRagnello17 2 months ago
whats her? name?

Techerd101 2 months ago
I love Culture Pub, they always find the funniest ads !!!

@AtomicBombAttack I thought it was jennifer love hewitt too at the? beginning.

Nicoco95310 2 months ago
and cue the? porn music

PacMonster146 2 months ago
That? was brilliant!

LeCommensale 2 months ago

samsorrows 2 months ago

WizzoPro9476 2 months ago
thumbs up if boobies brought you here?

0dimitris9 2 months ago
whos the girl in the ad??

kitezen 2 months ago
first? time I thought she was Jennifer Love Hewitt

AtomicBombAttack 2 months ago 3 
I have enough to hold her...?

eXPerienceyeah 2 months ago

GIRLIKESTaCoEs 2 months ago
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mrholdenvl 2 months ago
"i don't? know y i'm still here", to show me ur BOOBIES^^

z3329885 2 months ago
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CrazyEights1231 2 months ago

smosh2134 2 months ago
If I was the interrogator the title of this video would be "Biking girl harshly? fucked by the police"

EveryNameIsTakenFFS2 2 months ago
@EveryNameIsTakenFFS2 Bikini*


EveryNameIsTakenFFS2 2 months ago
men? will be men

33397951 2 months ago
They need a CSI - Billings (Montana)?

dachicagoan 2 months ago
That? was classic... LMAO

lThellRockl 2 months ago
Harshly interogated my ass, I came here with? lube and shit, fuck you.. :I

elusuario989 2 months ago
Wht....Wht the F**K was all tht? about ? I am so lost !

smartdon007 2 months ago
Download SavitaBhabhi's? all new episode's from

sbpin3l 2 months ago
This is? the very best!

KesherMedia 2 months ago
Time to? start watching CSI Miami!

macintard 2 months ago
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megacoolpop 2 months ago
Isn't The Girl In Bikini The Women Who Acted As The? main Actress In Ghost Whisperer?

StarGirl1298 2 months ago
@StarGirl1298 nope. that's jennifer? love hewitt

Drunksonic 2 months ago

Ok, Thks... They look a like? though...

StarGirl1298 2 months ago
@StarGirl1298 You are referring to Jennifer Love Hewitt and no, it's isn't? her.

dachicagoan 2 months ago

juanzion35 2 months ago
ahaha, i like how the? janitor was there too

ultrakool 2 months ago 2 
so thats why casey? anthony was in jail so long! orange bikinis were mandatory!

xXDISASTERPIECE934Xx 2 months ago
Jenn? Sterger???

CambotSOL 2 months ago
I? love CSI

PopcornLoverize 3 months ago
Casey Anthony lookalike?

shaboo2 3 months ago
get that fucking banner out of? the way

gnatandbee 3 months ago

jarhead540 3 months ago
I'd hit it!! And the chick in the bikini too!?

AceNinja2112 3 months ago 43 
@AceNinja2112 READ MY? MIND MAN

sukywooky 3 months ago
keep? pressing 6 :)

benzineman8 3 months ago
she looks like Casey? Anthony lol

29Essan 3 months ago
her face reminds? me of Casey Anthony

29Essan 3 months ago

arsu19 3 months ago
and this is why we need lesbians on the force!?

DaFinkerx2 3 months ago

MrAssholeoftheyear 3 months ago 41 
Well i say keep? pressing 5

Panili8ios 3 months ago
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whataboutlouis 3 months ago
I... I wanna bang old? detective lady???

amazingdany 4 months ago
That's? messed up.

LSant178 6 months ago
Keep pressing 6?

Olando830 6 months ago
ill give bikini girl? a dna sample

uztoobz 8 months ago
:P? hahaha!! :)

igwapo12 8 months ago
shes very atractive(: not the fat lady, the? hot one.

adamjessi4ever 9 months ago

S'il? vous plaît entrer sur ce site




Je vous remercie

faisal19887 9 months ago

auropyeh 9 months ago
bumbum? ba!

joke719 10 months ago
russian? translate please

TheEcorino 10 months ago
@TheEcorino You can also? click at the "CC" button at the bottom of the player, and you do have subtitles which will appear , then you can choose "translate the subtitles" and choose russian. this will work for any video which is subtitled, and all of our videos are subtitled.

CulturePub 10 months ago 32 
@TheEcorino lern english prick?

CnNbS4KANEHBOSM 2 months ago
@TheEcorino ? learn*

CnNbS4KANEHBOSM 2 months ago
@CnNbS4KANEHBOSM ??? ????? ????????

TheEcorino 2 months ago
@TheEcorino what is wrong with u? can't u? answer me in english, german or polish? what were the mistake?

CnNbS4KANEHBOSM 2 months ago
@CnNbS4KANEHBOSM Just Shut the fuck up? prick, It's not his fault he cant understand, and stop acting like an educated big shot cause you AREN'T.

computerxbox 2 months ago
@computerxbox suck? my dick u damn looser! i am not educated, but i can see, that u'r iq is under line, cuz he understand that and he answered me in russian (i translated this) ... next time think twicely u fuckin baboon...

CnNbS4KANEHBOSM 2 months ago
@CnNbS4KANEHBOSM Think twicely? Please, stop trying? to correct people's english and learn some on your own you self absorbed cunt.

computerxbox 2 months ago
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CnNbS4KANEHBOSM 2 months ago
@TheEcorino, ????, ?? ?? ??? ??????????? ???????, ?????, ?? ?? ????? ??? ?????????.

? ???? ???????? (? ????? ????? ??????? ????) - ????? ????????! (? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ?????????????????)

JanJanych 2 months ago
@TheEcorino ??????? ???????: ? ??? ?? ?? ????? ? ?????? ????????, ? ??? ???????? ???????? ???.

???????: ? ???? ?? ????, ?????? ? ??? ???? ??????

??????? ??????? (??? ??????): ??????, ?? ?????? ??????? ? ?? ????? ??????? ?????? ? ???. ??? ????? ? ??????? ?????????? ????.

???????: ?????

Thanks to google translate.

fudlite 2 months ago


Chillypepperish 1 month ago
"I'm sorry? miss, we have just received the warrant to search underneath the garment you're wearing. It's possible that you could be hiding crucial evidence somewhere."

redevilknight 11 months ago 216 
@redevilknight Yes, between two? mammaries

ZillaRocks 1 month ago
lol.... love how? one old guy is watching till the end ;p

sungjun0710 1 year ago 128 
Ba dum ba! ?

uzkrap 1 year ago
bou dum ba!

not ba dum? ba! XD

BagoGarde 1 year ago
.... Ba dum? ba!

sadguyfoundout1 1 year ago
Ba? dum ba! I'm a follower!

solid801 1 year ago
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AstroChispa 1 year ago
Ok, I'll? join in. Ba dum ba!

ltflermy 1 year ago
Ba dum ba!?

diegoazzurra 1 year ago
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sergis012 1 year ago
Ba? dum ba!

xdaniel122 1 year ago

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